You've been in an accident.  Here are some general guidelines about what to do next:

  • • Stop at once. Never leave the scene of even a MINOR accident. 

  • • Seek medical assistance and summon police. 

  • • Do not admit fault. Do not comment about the accident to anyone but your insurance representative and the police.  Never accept or make an offer of cash, check or "private" settlement. 

  • • Gather accident information. Note the date and time of accident. 

  • • Obtain information on the other driver including: name, address, phone number, make of car, vehicle license number, insurance company and agent's name and telephone number. 

  • • Record a description of what occurred. 

  • • Draw a diagram of the accident showing the direction of both cars and the point of the accident.  Include street names and location of traffic signs/signals. 

  • • Report the accident promptly to your insurance agent.

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