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At Crabb Insurance we have plans to help assure your needs and investments. the expertise and experience to proficiently meet all of your needs. We offer a broad product line.  Please contact us to review multiple options and plans to help you enjoy continued growth!

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You Have Specific Needs.

Crabb Insurance offers a variety of insurance options to meet your unique  business needs and provide you with peace of mind while on the road, in your next meeting and in your day-to-day planning. We proudly partner with multiple insurance companies that specialize in a variety of products, including partners specializing in CHURCH and FARM POLICIES. And, our experience will provide you with the best answers to make sure you are covered in every detail. Don’t wonder if you’re covered. Know you are.

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Salem Office – Phone: 330-332-1586
East Palestine Office – Phone: 330-426-9698


Commercial / Business

We can develop plans to provide retirement options for solopreneurs all the way to large companies. Give us a call for a no-cost review your current plan documents and offerings. Call our Salem office at (330) 332-1586 (330) 332-1586