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Is cell phone insurance coverage important to have?

Yes, it can be very important. Keep in mind, replacements are expensive and deductibles are actually lower than the cost of a new phone. You phone case doesn't cover everything including lost or water damaged phones. Filing a claim is easy, outside repairs are risky and peace of mind is great!

Is Video Game Addiction Covered by Insurance?

Depending on the level of addiction, YES. There is some controversy over whether video gaming is an addiction comparable to gambling, drug abuse, or alcoholism. Psychology Today states that the comparison between video gaming and gambling is flawed, because there are no financial stakes or material losses involved with video games. However, according to WebMD, video game addiction can be considered a type of impulse control disorder. To learn more and find help for someone you love visit AmericanAddictionsCenter.org

What is Universal Life Insurance?

Universal life insurance (UL) is a hybrid life insurance policy which combines elements of term life insurance with an investment savings option. Universal life combines the ability to build savings at the same time as providing you a life insurance policy.

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