Just how broad is your insurance coverage?  Will it cover sunken tractors?  This true story has occurred several times: our client parks his riding mower on a hill, dismounts, and the tractor slips out of gear and rolls into the pond. Covered?  Only if you have an HO15 endorsement on your policy. 

You don't have a riding mower or a pond you say?  The HO15 endorsement broadens a homeowners policy so that it also covers other personal property lost due to extraordinary situations.  Consider these other covered losses:

  • • Lost jewelry or gemstones falling out of jewelry not specifically insured (subject to a policy dollar limit). 

  • • Loss in value when a gemstone is scratched or cracked (subject to a policy dollar limit). 

  • • Cameras or other personal items falling overboard from a boat or a capsized canoe. 

  • • A hot iron falling on and scorching an area rug. 

  • • A deer crashing through a sliding glass door causing extensive damage to household contents as it struggles to deal with the unfamiliar surroundings of a family room. 

  • • Raccoon damage (rodents and vermin are not covered). 

  • • Lost hearing aids, eyeglasses, telescopes, cameras, etc. 

  • • Spillage of paint, India ink, nail polish, acid, bleach, and other chemicals that damage household contents.

Most home insurance policies list 17 or 18 different perils of coverage for household contents that do not include the above or numerous other bizarre possibilities.  The H015 will cover most of these --- subject to your policy deductible.

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